Sunday, August 22, 2010

Media Center Policies

How many books can I check out from the media center?
Kindergarten and First Grade students may check out one book at a time. Second through Fifth Grade students may check out two books at a time. Both books must be either turned in or brought to the Media Center for renewal on your media day to check out new books. The number of books checked out at one time is negotiable by Mrs. Charpentier and grade level teachers.

Teachers may check out up to 20 books at a time.

What if I lose or damage a book?
If you damage a book, bring it to the media center. Depending on the damage, we may be able to repair the book. If we can repair the book and return it to the shelf, you will not be charged a fee.

If an item is lost or damaged beyond repair, we can let you know the replacement cost for the book. The media center will send home a bill each quarter for payment of the item. If the book is lost, please keep your receipt. If the item is found within the fiscal year, we will reimburse your money. If the book is damaged beyond repair, you must pay the total replacement cost of the item.
When can I check out books?
Until Mrs. Charpentier returns on September 27, open checkout will be in the mornings from 8:10-8:30 and in the afternoons from 2:15-2:30 only. After September 27, students may come for open checkout any time on Wednesday, Thurday, or Friday.

How can I volunteer in the media center and what do you need help with?
We are always looking for volunteers in the media center! We continuously need help shelving books, repairiing books, and straightening the shelves. We also need assistance stamping new books, preparing books for Title I cataloging, labeling books, and cutting out bookmarks. We always need volunteers for our Book Fair that is held twice a year. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Mrs. Charpentier at 336-922-6612 or

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school! I am looking forward to a great year! Until September 27, there will be a substitute in the Media Center while I take some time off to spend with my new little girl, Emily, who was born May 28.

Ms. Fussell will be substituting until September 14, then Ms. Crawford will take over until I return. Ms. Fussell is a retired Media Coordinator and Ms. Crawford was Gibson's Media Assistant last year. We are really lucky to have them in the Media Center until I return!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What we're working on this rotation (February 8-16)

Kindergarten - we are studying Helen Lester and reading her books Three Cheers for Tacky and Tacky the Penguin. After reading the books, we are practicing sequencing by putting events in the book in order.

First and Second Grades - we are reading the North Carolina Children's Book Award books and practicing voting for our favorite. After we have read all the books, the students will vote for the school winner. The votes will be turned into the North Carolina Children's Book Award committee to count toward the North Carolina winner!

Third Grade - no specials. Third grade is practicing for a Black History Month performance.

Fourth Grade -The Important Book research and non-fiction writing.

Fifth Grade - we are continuing to work on the state project. Students are finding information about their state in non-fiction books and the encyclopedia.

2009-2010 EBOB Competition

Fourth and fifth graders at Gibson are reading and competing in the Elementary Battle of the Books (EBOB)! Students must read all twelve EBOB books by March 26 to participate in an EBOB team. The winning team will take a field trip to Borders Bookstore, a gift card for $10 to spend at Borders, and lunch at Chick-fil-a.

Friday, October 9, 2009

What we're working on this rotation (Oct 8-15)

Kindergarten - we are acting out the book The Little Old Lady who Wasn't Afraid of Anything.

First Grade - we are learning about folk tales by reading and watching two Anansi stories, and completeing a "real or make believe" SmartBoard activity.

Second Grade - we are reading and watching folk tales at and contrasting folk tales to the Tall Tales we read last week.

Third, Fourth & Fifth Grades - we are continuing to work on learning how the Dewey Decimal System works and how to find books in the non-fiction section using a fun SmartBoard game.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Look what 1st Grade is working on!

First grade learned the difference between fiction and non-fiction by reading both fiction and non-fiction books about leaves. We then wrote facts about leaves on the SmartBoard, and each student wrote one fact about leaves on a leaf! When we put them together, they made an AMAZING tree!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SmartBoard Training

The next dates for SmartBoard training are Wednesday, October 14 and Wednesday, October 21 at 3:15pm in the Media Center. You may register for technology credit on the WSFCS web site. Please note that the dates listed on the registration are different than the dates in this posting due to a scheduling conflict. Thanks!